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  • Using a Tomato Spiral is a easy way to grow tomotoes, cucumbers, peas or beans in the top of your Stacking Garden.
  • Cucumber growing in Tomato Spiral
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  • Cucumbers starting off in a Tomato Spiral
  • Cucumbers will grow vertically and save space in a Tomato Spiral
  • Easily grow tomatoes in your stacking garden.

Tomato Spiral


Product Description

Have you found it to be a pain in the past when you have had to tie tomatoes and other vine crops to a stake to stop them from falling over?

Well, why don't you let your tomatoes or cucumbers sort themselves out? Now you can with the new tomato spiral. Made in the USA, it comes with it's own clamp to attach to a stake or you can hang from overhead. Unfortunately we can't include a stake as they are too long to send in the post but there is a 11mm x 150cm green plastic coated stake available on the market that fits tightly down the centre hole of the stacking gardens. If the Tomato Spiral is for a raised garden bed, the standard inch by inch hardwood stakes will fit it as well.

Ideal for crops in raised garden beds and also excellent for using on the top layer of your stacking garden. Extends to a height of 2 meters but easily folds down flat for easy storage.

Product Videos

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